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This is a nine-week art course for adults 55 years and older that will be instructed by Janeal Johnson an artist with The Uintah Basin Visual Arts Group. We will be learning and creating in the style of tactile art. Below is an outline of the weekly events. 

April 6 - 

Session 1 Title; Introduction, supplies, and art background


In this session, we will make introductions. Janeal will give a brief but detailed description of Tactile art, its background, and how it is opening doors for many who have not been able to enjoy the art experience.


April 13 -

Session 2 Title; Tools, Technique and Creating Raised Relief art.


In this session, we will be talking about the tools used to create tactile art and raised relief artforms. Janeal will give a brief and detailed background and suggest artists to research and enjoy who create these forms of art.


April 20 -

Session 3 Title: Painting with Acrylics using brushes and sponges.


In this session we will talk about different painting techniques; using brushes or sponges, learn about using Acrylic paint and metallic paints to create depth, shadow, and light. During this discussion, we will discuss artists like Michelangelo and how he used these techniques to create the illusion of space and shape.


April 27 -

Session 4 Title: Finishing Tree painting, Sealing work, and why sealing your work is important.


In this session we will finish up painting our trees, sign our work and learn about sealants; how to apply them, and why it is important.


May 4 -

Session 5 Title: Miniature Tactile Painting Introduction. Making the most out of small pieces.


In this session, we will explore the art of using small spaces to create big ideas. How to utilize the smaller canvas to build a tactile, raised relief, 3-dimensional piece. How the art of miniatures has grown and artists to research and watch. We will discuss different tools you can use to create form and space and how you can trick the eye.


May 11 -

Session 6 Title: Starting our Miniature Paintings


In this session, we will get to work on the miniature painting by sketching them out and applying the hot glue. I will introduce how to utilize normal everyday items as tools to create a fun design, shapes, and textures.


May 18 -

Session 7 Title: Miniature Painting


In this session, we will work on painting our miniature paintings, answer any technique questions and learn how to coach each other in a positive way. We will learn about how to critique and how to do it in a constructive way.


May 25 -

Session 8 Title: Finishing up Miniatures, Planning the culminating event.


In this session, we will finish up the miniature painting, talk about different ways you can hang your work and supplies you can use. How to prepare your work to exhibit.


June 4 -

Session 9 Title; CULMINATING EVENT!!!!


This session will be our final class. This will be a special day to shine for each participant. We encourage each participant to invite their family and friends, wear their best outfit, and be prepared to show off their hard work. This event is designed to include everyone and celebrate their accomplishments as well as socialize with one another. There will be a small refreshment table, an opportunity to have a photo taken with their work and if wanted maybe some background music.