Little Stars Storytime

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Program Type: Storytimes
Age Group: Children

Event Details

Preschool age children learn skills needed for school with our songs, stories, and crafts in each 30 minute session.

TuesdayLittle Stars Storytime is in the Children’s Area at 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Both hours will contain the same content (the same craft and stories). Miss Katie will read stories, share songs, and provide a craft for preschool age children. All children are welcome to attend. Caregivers must accompany their children. 

Storytime Rules: 

All children must be accompanied by a caregiver. The caregiver must remain with the child throughout the entire storytime. Caregivers with children who cry or scream during the storytime are allowed to step away so that the librarian may continue the storytime.

Please turn off the volume on all devices throughout the storytime.

Please show respect to the librarian while they are talking and reading. Suggestions for showing her respect are: sitting quietly (unless invited to sing, dance, and speak), leaving the lego table covered throughout the storytime, participating in the craft only during the craft time, and talking to your children beforehand about how to behave while at storytime.

Please clean up after your children or help them to clean up after themselves.

Find a fun book to check out, make a new friend, or just enjoy your visit!


Storytime Tips: 

Storytimes are great preparation for preschool. Storytime gets your little ones used to listening and sitting still. To make storytime more successful, try implementing these tips:

  • Try to attend the storytime that caters to the age and abilities of your child: Toddlers may enjoy more songs, but may not be able to sit through as many stories. Preschool age children (3 to 5) may be more interested in the stories and not as interested in singing and clapping. Find the storytime that best fits your family. Try them out and if you need to leave early, that’s okay.
  • Prepare your children before attending: Let your child know that another grown-up will be reading the story and there will be lots of other children around. Interruptions during the stories are unsuitable since there’s a group of children listening at storytime. Requests, personal stories and questions are for after storytime unless the storyteller opens a discussion.
  • Try to arrive early: Rushing into new experiences can cause children stress. When you go to storytime, show up at least 5 minutes beforehand to let your child take in the surroundings and get comfortable.
  • Help your child to sit still: Energetic toddlers have a tough time staying seated, but with practice they can learn to stay seated during a story. Some children may need extra incentives, such as your lap, a toy from home, or a reward later. And if your tot is really antsy, look for a place in the back where they can listen to the story quietly while standing.
  • Sit away from the bookshelves: Keep a close eye on your bookworm and let them know that they can take out one book at a time after the story ends.
  • Stay quiet: Desperately seeking adult discourse? The mom or babysitter next to you is an appealing conversation companion, but you can’t expect your tot to stay quiet if you’re not. Model respectful listening skills and save that chat (and any cell phone calls) for when the stories are over.
  • After storytime is over, give your tot a chance to explore the bookshelves and make new friends: This will help them feel more comfortable the next time that you attend.
  • Get your child a library card: Little ones love lending privileges, and we allow toddlers to get library cards. Your child will feel grown-up and excited about visiting the library again.